2018 -19

We started a complete rebuild of the bike at the end of 2017 as the current Rotex could not deliver enough boost at Bonneville. The air is just not thick enough. After some thought and a few beers plus various discussions with the Storm dragbike team we chose the Compound blower route. We already had the Supercharger so I set to work out what turbo would be a good compound match. After some deliberation, lots and lots of maths and a huge amount of reading it turns our it does not need to be that big. We chose a Garret GT2052. It has a PR of 3.2 and is suitable for our 750cc engine.

The Rotrex Supercharger can deliver 52LB air/min at a pressure ratio of 2.5. Running it efficiently delivers 38lb at a PR of 2.0. We are inter cooling this before feeding it into the Turbo which then raises this by a PR of 3.2. This goes through another inter cooler which should deliver some 40+ lb of air ar a PR around 5 or 6. Or in plain English, 60+ psi boost.

To control all this we have now made use of the DTA S60Pro we fitted in 2017. It now controls injection through 4 x 1200cc Bosch injectors, 2 per port, plus compensating for air temperature and pressure.

The new frame would now also have mono shock rear suspension because the salt in 2017 was bumpy and with the rigid rear end on the 2017 bike we had difficulties in getting the power down and staying on the seat.

The links above are galleries of the work done to convert one bike into the other.