Rebuild for Bonneville 2013.

We started the design for 2013 with a new Rotrex supercharger. This supercharger is of a design that does not need fuel to run through it. It is basically a mechanically driven turbocharger. The drive to the supercharger was an 8-row PolyV belt so new pulleys were required. Also for 2103 we decided we should ditch the rear suspension as run solid. The new rear frame section also provided room for a much larger 5-gallon intercooler ice tank. Lastly and probable the best for gaining performance was streamlining but it was also the biggest.

If anyone of you has done this you know how much work is required. For those who haven’t, here goes: - You first make a plug of the basic shape you need. In our case we had our friend Ray Debbens crashed pro stock body work plus his original molds. These would provide a little help but a lot was still required. We first made a rough front fairing from his ZX12 drag bike mold. We then chopped 4” of the bottom it and added in about 18” to it’s length. This would form our plug for the front fairing.

For the rear we used the seat and top section of the crashed rear bodywork and a plank of wood bolted to the ground. The plank was cut into a teardrop shape that was going to be the end of the tail. Next we joined these bits together with lengths of wood with hardboard glued into the shape to form “flowing curves”. This used up a lot of wood and filler and on some days a little skin mixed with blood.

The front mudgard too a bit more thought and some more wood and plastic bits.  The wood was clamped around the front wheel, the plastic filled the gap between the tyre and wood.  The whole unit was then filled, and sanded and filled some more until we had a mudguard shaped plug to make a mold to make the final front mudguard. Eventually after 3 months work we were finally done. We had a front mudguard, fairing, seat and rear body and a front splitter. Then we had to clean the workshop! Look at the build photos

Once the body was complete we then had to fit it to the frame, add an new under-tray, new screen, holes for the new exhaust routing, starter nut hole, dzus fasteners and finally Paint.