Dragbike test machine for 2015

For 2014 and into 2015 we are building a test & development platfom in the shape of a drag bike.  The LSR is just not designed for running on the LSR venues in the UK.  It's too loud and does not have a front brake.  So over the next few months up until around May we will be "playing" drag racing and finding the limits of the motor and transmission.  Gather as much data as possible and hopefully find a nice tune up to run around 50% Nitro.

One of the useful items to come out of our hybrid Kawasaki - Suzuki clutch set-up was the ability to use my Funny Bike Slider clutch.  This makes lauching less of an issue and we can concentrate on engine development

The links above are galleries of the work done to convert one bke into the other.