It rained, we have a bike not a boat. 

Big depression but hey, shit happens.  It's not the first time nor will it be the last where race meetings have been cancelled.  Once during my drag racing years we went home early because the snow was too deep. If I wanted to race in the rain I would have chosen a different motor sport.  The only time I do not mind getting wet is scuba diving.

Myself & Dave decided that we need to get more "bang for our buck" as the saying goes so from the moment the bike arrived home we stripped it and laid up the headstock, motor and 7" slick for a dragbike chassis.  

The aim is to do some engine development on the drag strip with the view to getting the motor more reliable and to develop it to run 50-60% nitro for our return in 2015.  The bike has already ran +17mph more than the record on just methanol so with some suitable testing and Nitro on board we can add a few more mph and with the relaibility maybe finally set the record a little higher.  And who knows, if the salt is good and the sun shines and all our ducks line up correctly one of us may get a red hat.

Further updates later on the 2015 page.


Race report Bonneville 2013

The long drive from LA to Wendover makes you very thirsty so the 1st beer in Carmen’s Black & White only lasted about 1 sec followed by quite a few more.

Thursday morning - lots of shopping. 1st collect pistons from Car Quest, 2nd get Icebox & drinks and set-up the pits. The bike is seriously heavy to unload from the van.

We set to work and stripped the engine down to install the pistons. On first fire-up the bike was not playing fair and would only run on 1 cylinder. A stupid wiring fault was found & fixed. We packed up for the day a waited till Friday to go through Tech with our crew. As we went through tech on Friday we got quite a few looks of “what the f*** have you guys made now”? Are we getting a reputation or something?