Rebuild for 2014

Main issues are oil pressure and belt breaking. Well the second one is easier to fix, don’t run belts! On the flight home and over the next few weeks waiting for the bike to return Dave had been thinking. It may be possible to convert the drive train to gears but we need the bike back to see if it is possible or not in the space we have.

The bike returned mid October and once stripped down and cleaned of the salt Dave started looking at converting the belts to use stock Suzuki primary gears.

However he hit a major problem, the spacing between the gear centres was too small and would make one of the input gears hit the engine cases. I suggested Kawasaki gears as they are bigger. The Kawasaki gears gave us the clearance, only just, but we are running a Suzuki gearbox. Not a problem, we just put the Kawasaki clutch basket on to the Suzuki shaft, it is the same diameter, and then put the Suzuki inner hub onto the splines.

Then we we used Suzuki steel plates and Kawasaki frictions inside the stock Kawasaki basket with no modifications. A Kawasuki or Suziwaki?  make you wn mind up on that.

The links above cover all aspects of the modification we did for 2014.  The final part was powder coatig of the frame, and just for a chnage it's silver, not black.  The overall look of the bike is brighted up and on the salt it wil hopefully be a little less hot.